Who we are…

Shady Creek Outdoor School is owned and operated by Sutter County Superintendent of Schools Office.  We are an environmental science school that offers residential and day program for grades one through six.  Our most popular program is our four or five day residential camp for 5th and 6th grade students.  Our integrated curriculum aligns with state science standards, but we do so much more than that!  We believe that knowledge alone is not enough to inspire action.  Children must be taught to care about themselves, their communities, and the world around them in order to make positive change.  We help grow this sense of caring by creating safe, loving environments, and then demonstrating caring through our own actions and words.  Our outdoor school has been operating for over sixty years!  We have gone by many different names throughout our history; most notably we operated as Woodleaf Outdoor School for 39 years.  But no matter our name or location we have always been committed to providing high quality programs for children.


Our goals…

Our goal is to teach to the whole child.  To do this we aim to develop in each child:

  • a feeling of personal responsibility to help preserve, conserve, and enhance our environment;
  • heightened observation skills to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the natural  world
  • a feeling of self-confidence and self-acceptance while also instilling the ability to cooperate with and appreciate the diversity of others.


How we do it…

All of our classes are designed to be hands-on experiences and the curriculum for each class meets the California State Science Standards for the targeted grade level.  Our class topics include creek ecology, forest ecology, geology, avian science, Native American cultures, gardens and nutrition, sensory awareness, survival skills, and team building activities.

Students are encouraged to learn by using scientific inquiry, observation skills, cooperative activities, language arts, music, and drama.  Of course knowledge alone will not motivate significant life changes, so, within every experience is woven an element of caring.