Kids Corner


  • –  Anyone can get lost and everyone wants to survive.
  • –  Before you go anywhere, always tell someone where you are going and when you will get back.
  • –  Be prepared when going out for a hike or picnic. Carry your survival pack.
  • –  If you get lost or are in a survival situation, remember
  • S  stop
    T  think
    O  observe
    P  plan

    – Remember that your frame of mind is important so stay calm, don’t panic. Use your ingenuity. But don’t take chances.

  • –  Your first need is either shelter or water. Find and build shelter. Try to purify all your water if you can.
  • –  Your next need is fire and to do things to help you get found. Build a safe fire and signal for help.
  • –  Don’t take chances by eating wild plants. You can go for 2 – 3 weeks without food if necessary.
  • –  Remember: Stay calm, conserve your energy, and keep warm and dry. Help us find you and we will.SHADY CREEK SURVIVAL PACK

    Matches in a waterproof container to light your candle Flint and steel to start a fire
    Safety pins – clothes, fish hooks
    String – 10 feet or parachute cord: shelter building, traps Thin copper wire – shelter building, traps

    Candle – 40 hour: use for light, heat and to start fires (saves matches) Mirror to signal for help
    Compass and map of area

Aluminum foil to carry or boil water, cook, signal Whistle to signal for help without losing energy Fish hooks and line
First aid supplies:

Gauze Pad Antiseptic ointment Chapstick

Space blanket
Iodine tablets
Dry fire starter (toilet paper)
Name card, address, medical information

Bandaids Tape Gauze roll Moleskin