Administrator Forms

Thank you for agreeing to be the Shady Creek Principal. You will play a vital role in the planning, and successful completion of the week. Please download the Administrator’s Checklist located to the left of this page. This document will guide you through the steps you will need to complete all the paperwork necessary prior to your arrival at Shady Creek and give you an idea of what your week at Shady Creek will be like.  If you have any questions, please call Willi Slack at (530) 822-2949, or Shannon Cueva at (530) 370-1519.

Cabin Counselor Responsibility Contract
Shady Creek Cabin Leader Guidelines
Adult Health Form
Teacher Checklists Revised March 2015
Principals Checklist revised March 2015
Meal Accommodation letter and request form
Free and Reduced Meal Program Form
Counselor Health Form
Cabin Leader Handbook 2018

Cabin Leader Health Form
Cabin List Template

Civil Rights Complaint Acceptance Procedure