Cabin Counselor

Becoming A Shady Creek Camp Counselor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a camp counselor. Counselors are an important part of the team of counselors, teachers, and naturalists that make Shady Creek a unique and wonderful experience for thousands of fifth and sixth graders each year. The counselor’s job is both challenging and extremely rewarding. Counselors have the responsibility of leading young people through a fun and exciting week of learning in an outdoor classroom. Their primary concern is always for the safety and well-being of the kids. You will spend just one week of your life with these children, but the experiences you’ll share are bound to leave memories for you and your kids that will last a lifetime. You will learn as they learn. Without a doubt you will discover new things about yourself. The more energy, enthusiasm, and caring you put into this week, the better experience the students will have and the more you will receive in return.

Shady Creek Outdoor School is a place that teaches children about the natural environment, outdoor skills, and cultural history. Along with the students, counselors will have the chance to learn about these subjects. Shady Creek is also a place where young people learn important social skills – living with a new group of students in beautiful but unfamiliar surroundings – developing self-confidence and a sense of independence during a week of outdoor adventure and learning. The role of counselor at Shady Creek is one of leadership. The key to a great week at Shady Creek is for you to provide the direction, guidance, and leadership your kids need, while filling the week with all the fun and good times you can muster.

Should you be interested in applying to be a camp counselor, contact your high school counselor office. Schools that attend Shady Creek contact their area high schools looking for camp counselors. The forms on this website can be downloaded, filled out and turned in to your high school counseling department.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (530) 822-2949.

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