Be an EcoKid

SC_0590Focal point of all studies at Shady Creek Outdoor School is to empower students with an understanding that each one of them can make a difference in this world by their own positive actions.

With this in mind, Shady Creek Outdoor School has created the Eco-Kid Award. This award and a $100 prize is granted to students who practice the Eco-Kid creed of working to help the environment.  Previous winners have organized stream cleanups.

After her week at Shady Creek Outdoor School, a student organized a weekend stream clean-up in her community. Community members came out in droves and helped to return the local stream to pristine condition-since that time the community has done a better job of keeping the stream clean on an ongoing basis.

Cleaned-up their own school campuses

Upon returning to school another student decided she would begin to make a positive change at her own school. She began by simply picking up trash and recycling every day after school. It was over a year before anyone found out who had been keeping the campus so clean. When they did, the entire campus was motivated and now all help with the ongoing clean-campus effort.

And even reusing a lunch bag

A student had second thoughts before throwing away his lunch bag. He decided to see how many times he could reuse it before he had to throw it away. In all he used that same bag over 100 times and then wrote us a letter on the bag to tell us about it!.

During the month of May each year the Shady Creek staff reviews entries in the Eco-Kid Competition. Entries are judged based on the work described in student essays. The winning entry will receive a $100 prize along with an additional $100 prize for his/her classroom. The prizes will be awarded by the Shady Creek Director to the student at his/her school during the last week of May or first week of June.
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