Employment Opportunities


WHERE: Shady Creek Outdoor Education Program is operated by the Sutter County Superintendent of Schools for 5th and 6th grade students in northern California.

LOCATION: The program owns a facility called Shady Creek located just 11 miles outside of Nevada City, California.

SEASON Position is anticipated, and would start in September and end in May. We offer 25 weeks of program with a break from mid November to mid January.

POSITION: The intern position provides practical educational experience in a well established environmental education program. Minimum wage based on 36 hours per week plus room and board, workman’s compensation, and an accident/illness insurance policy during program days.

TO APPLY: Contact the Shady Creek Outdoor Education Program at the above address to obtain an application. Applications should be in ASAP.

* * * J O B D E S C R I PT I O N * * *

The intern position at Shady Creek is designed to give interns a variety of experiences and opportunities in an environmental education program. Specific duties will be scheduled each week.

The primary responsibility of the intern is to function as a staff naturalist, assisting teachers and classes with the study of conservation, ecology, and outdoor safety. Interns and naturalists also help operate and organize an innovative recreation program for pupils at Shady Creek.

Many interesting leadership and learning experiences are available at Shady Creek and the intern, who will be considered as a full staff member, will be trained to lead all activities while being supervised by our naturalist staff as she/he gains experience.

The intern position is designed to be a broad and exciting educational opportunity. It must be stressed that although this is essentially a volunteer position, it will require and energetic and enthusiastic applicant willing to participate fully each week.

Click here to download the Student Naturalist Application Packet