Naturalists’ Day Off

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Madison Station CafeWhat do the naturalists of Shady Creek do when they find themselves with no students at the camp? They go visit students at their schools.

A couple of weeks ago, myself and eight other naturalists went to visit three schools and have some fun in the city. Our first stop was Excelsior School. We got there just in time to catch the second half of recess. Some of us, like myself, learned how to play wall ball. Others were challenged to a game of knock out. Madrone hung around and talked with students, questioning them about what they’d learned that morning. Yeti even got his hair french-braided! After recess we went into ConservaSean’s classroom to say hello to his fourth graders and lead them in a BOOMSHAKALAKA. Then we made our way into Wombat Wick’s room. We decided that we could not leave the room without singing a song, Scat. With one last BOOMSHAKALA in Wombat’s classroom, we left Excelsior.

It was lunchtime. Finding one place that nine different people like can be tough. Luckily for us, Chipotle has something for everyone. After eating, we still had about an hour before we needed to be at the next school (we were scheduled to do a program at Robla Elementary). We figured what better way is there to kill time than to grab some frozen yogurt with good company? Yeti, having grown up in Sacramento, knew the perfect place. Madison Station Café. And he was right. It was phenomenal!

After the froyo, we still had some time before we needed to be at Robla. What now? With Westside School just five minutes down the road, it was a no brainer. We ran in for a brief visit to Woodpecker’s classroom to give the students some love. That detour put us at the perfect time to head to Robla.

Robla SchoolAt Robla we put on an assembly for third through sixth graders. After greeting the students with high-fives, we called on sixth graders to share out loud about their favorite parts of Shady Creek, and let the third, fourth, and fifth graders know what to expect when they come up to Shady Creek in future years. Throughout the presentation we sang the songs Wild Thing, Bats Eat Bugs, and Scat. Ending the assembly, and their school day, with a BOOMSHAKALKA, we left Robla.

School was out but the naturalists were not done. We were in Sacramento. There were still adventures to be had! With visits to Dimple Records, Thrift Town, and the arcade at Sun Splash, we rounded off our packed day with some shopping and playing. Here is what we ended up with:

Movies – $12.00
CDs & records – $15.27
Audio book – $7.99
Pair of boots – $20.00
Circular floor rug – $50.00
Fuzzy leopard hat – $2.99
Several rounds of arcade games – $30.00
Spending time with the students – Priceless

Bethany ‘Echo’ Thomas
Naturalist, Shady Creek Outdoor School

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