Naturalist & Student Art Brightens Shady Creek

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This Spring Shady Creek Naturalists, led by Karis “Pegasus” Joldersma, and students from Brittan Elementary’s California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) club have been working hard to paint murals in our amphitheater.  The color and beauty of the murals have transformed the area, making it one of the most inviting spaces on our campus.


mural complete

Each year, Brittan’s CJSF club chooses to do a service project at Shady Creek.  They have done tremendous work in our garden, but this year they wanted to leave a legacy.  Pegasus chose to take the lead and help them create a lasting art project for the campus.  She began by painting a sunset over mountains as the background for the students paint on.  When the CJSF club arrived the students got a lesson in foreground and background, after which they went to work painting trees, flowers, and animals into the scene.
beginning pic


During their time at Shady Creek the students made great progress on the mural, but only so much could be done in one day.  After they had gone the naturalists had a great time pitching in a finishing the project, adding their own creativity and style.

mural 5

However, upon completion the other side of the amphitheater began to look a bit boring.  Once again, Pegasus jumped to action and began preparing for another mural.  This time she has selected a paneled mural that includes a creek scene, and a unique perspective on a cedar tree.  Joined by Student Naturalist Alyson “River” Hubbard, Pegasus has created a paint-by-numbers scene that is continuing to bring vibrance to Shady Creek.  Thank you to everyone that has participated in this project!  We can’t wait to see where inspiration will strike next!

mural 8


creek pic

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