Garden Blog: Garden Mission 2017

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Hello everyone, as we celebrate the 2016 season and look towards 2017 we wanted to recognize all that has happened in the garden so far. Below are our garden mission statement and a list of projects that we have been able to complete thanks to so many amazing people.

Thank you to everyone in our Shady Creek Community!


Shady Creek’s Garden mission:

We want students to experience the garden by encouraging adventures, making connections, and cultivating knowledge.

Our lessons in the garden are inquiry based by encouraging students to explore the world of the small.

We strive for students to connect to the soil and understand where their food comes from. Students are able to sample or cook in the garden with produce that was planted by past students. Then in turn current students will be the planters of crops for future students.

Cultivate knowledge:
Having the garden as the teaching tool, we show how healthy food choices can be achieved.

Completed projects 2015/2016 In Progress


Wish list
·         Worm bin

·         Hugelkulter bed*

·         Permaculture style of sitting area

·         Maintaining 11 raised garden beds

·         Installed a drip irrigation in our greenhouse

·         Skyward pallets (vertical gardening)

·         Cob oven

·         Compost bin

·         Cherry orchard

·         Garden shed

·         Student tools


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