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Hugelkulter bed update:









Success with the mound:
To our surprise we received a small crop of blueberries during the summer even though the bushes were only in the ground for half a year. Fall time brought a large crop of 10 pumpkin/ gourds. We harvested them and made pumpkin bread for the school’s snack time. Then we had an abundant amount of tomato bushes partly climbing up the apple tree. Also we were able to keep basil bushes growing well until November which was longer than last year. We received a generous donation and bought a new Macintosh apple tree. This way the two apple trees can pollinate each other. We were able to plant a winter crop of peas that were planted by students in our green house and onions. We are also trying a technique where we cut down the old tomato stocks and leave them on the mound to decompose. This way we may not need to plant tomato seeds in the spring.
Finally like before we are finding many more lizards and insects at the mound site possibly because we created a habitat for them.

Challenges with the mound:
Our vision of the mound was that we would be able to stand and plant or harvest without touching the mound. However do to the angle of the mound or the logs boarding the mound it has been unavoidable to stand, knee, or lean to plant or harvest. Also the goal for the mound to never be hand watered again will be tested this summer. Right now our hope is that the mound is filling up with water this winter to get ready for the summer.

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