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An exciting program at the Shady Creek Outdoor School was created with you in mind.

You could be one of a select few of special students given the opportunity to come to Shady Creek Outdoor School for the Fall and/or Spring seasons (we would prefer both) as a Student Naturalist and you can experience, in a whole new way, the wonders of Shady Creek as a staff member. The program offers you the opportunity to gain useful life experiences and personal insight, all in the pristine surroundings at Shady Creek Outdoor School.

Student Naturalists will live, work and train with the staff during the program week (Monday through Friday); attend weekly natural history in-services and seminars on teaching techniques; meet one-on-one with the Student Naturalist Coordinator to establish goals and measure progress to maximize your Shady Creek experience; develop a project that will enhance the program and share your creation with students and staff. Additional work experience will be gained in maintenance, kitchen, and all areas at the program.
Embrace this learning experience and it will give you an abundance of skills and knowledge that will apply in life, work, and advanced education. These experiences will provide training in leadership, human resource management, professionalism, public speaking, teaching, and decision making, to name a few.

Personal growth is an important benefit of the program. You will learn to identify your own strengths as well as improve all other areas. You will gain focus to assist you on deciding where it is you want to go with your future, plus the incentive and motivation to attain your education or work goals.




For additional information contact:
Bethany Thomas 'Echo'
Program Coordinator