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Fit Quest

 This program is funded by the generosity of Sutter Health

Sutter Health
Students in the Fit Quest program participate in grade-standard-based experiential learning opportunities that promote the importance of nutrition, mental wellness, and physical fitness. The program includes educational assemblies at the student’s schools and expanded curriculum during their week-long stay at Shady Creek.
The intent is to raise awareness and encourage program participants to:
  • Be mindful of food choices
  • Be responsible for what they can control
  • Choose to be physically active
  • Understand that their choices today affect their health tomorrow
  • Adopt healthy ways of dealing with stress
  • Nurture their mental health
Schools that participate in this program receive funding to help off-set the cost of their week long trip to Shady Creek! Learn more about eligibility and how to participate in Fit Quest at your school.
The Family Camp program, sponsored by Sutter Health, is an action-packed family weekend.
The goal is to bring the family unit together and educate them on the benefits of:
  • Choosing healthy meals and snacks as a family
  • Prioritizing family fun and fitness (through physical activity)
  • Encouraging self-confidence and positive body image
Learn more about eleigibility and how to participate in Family Camp.
Please contact Lynsey Brydon with questions: or 530-822-2478