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Director's Message

Shady Creek Director Christopher Little smiling next to the SCSOS sign

2024 May Message

We are excited to announce our first annual Shady Creek Concert in the Park Sunday, June 2, 2024! We are thrilled to be able to have this opportunity to give back to the community we love so much. Sutter and Yuba counties are our heart and we are looking forward to giving back with our favorite partner, Sutter Health! Mark your calendar and tell your friends. It’s going to be the perfect way to kick off summer!
In other news, if you haven’t ever seen the grounds at Shady Creek in the spring time, you’re definitely missing out. It’s gorgeous! We are busier than ever hosting several schools, events, and school field trips.
Back in the brisk winter of 2007, my twin, Jason (aka Sasquatch), and I stepped into Ophir Elementary ready for a good time with the kids. It was a typical rainy day that had driven everyone indoors, turning the school cafeteria into the ultimate crab soccer arena. If you haven’t played crab soccer, picture this: it’s like normal soccer, but you’re bound to get hit with a wild kick and your wrists will definitely feel it later!
Sitting out the first round, I caught up with Enrique, a kid who was all heart from head to toe. Enrique, in all his glorious enthusiasm, spilled all the school’s latest and greatest news. Soon, it was game time, and the stars aligned. I was not only on Enrique’s team, but we were up against Sasquatch, my ultimate rival.
The game? A barn burner! It was neck and neck until the final seconds. Then, like magic, the ball was mine. But out of the corner of my eye, was Enrique, smile blazing like the sun. In a heartbeat, I passed him the ball.
Enrique was stunned, but he landed the winning goal! He took off like a shot, and I found him in the hallway, face mashed against the office door, crying happy tears and still wearing that sunshine smile. He then shared that this was his first goal. His first goal of his life.
That’s exactly why I love my job. It’s all about teeing up kids like Enrique for their shining moments, their first big wins. Sure, being a star is cool, but making stars? That’s the stuff of legends.