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Can I visit or call my child?
One of the benefits of a trip to Shady Creek is an opportunity for students to grow their sense of self-confidence and independence. The Shady Creek staff and visiting principal will always notify parents if there is any sort of concern with a child. Otherwise, students are returned happy and healthy at the end of the week.
Can I write to my child?
Letters from home can be a bright moment in any child’s day. When writing to your child please use the following format:
Your child’s name
C/O Your child’s teacher
Shady Creek Outdoor School
18601 Pathfinder Way
Nevada City, CA 95959
What should my child bring to Shady Creek?

You should receive a packing list from your school. You can also find it in our parent information packet.

When will my child be home from Shady Creek? 
On a five day week students are released to their classroom teachers at 10:30 a.m. They are usually headed home by 11:00 a.m. On four day weeks we release them 12:30 p.m. Please check with your child’s school for a definitive time for your particular school.
How do I know my child arrived safely at Shady Creek?
You can check with your child’s school. If you don’t hear anything, it is safe to assume that they have arrived safe and sound.
Who supervises the children?
Children are supervised 100% of the time that they are at Shady Creek. Supervision in the cabin is provided by high school counselors, who are recruited by your child’s school. These counselors work closely with the visiting principal, and a counselor coordinator from the Shady Creek staff to identify and solve any problems arising in the cabins. During class and program time students are supervised by their classroom teacher, and the experienced Shady Creek naturalist team.
What are the cabins like?
The boy’s cabins, “Raptor Ridge” are located in one of the largest rammed earth buildings in North America. Housing 9-10 students, these cabins have beautiful views and are quite comfortable. The girls stay in Shady Creek’s “Mountain Cabins.” Housing 6-7 students these cabins are cute and cozy, with a lovely deck for enjoying the natural environment. Each cabin area has its own separate bathhouse. With radiant floor heating, and private showers and changing areas these restrooms are only a few short steps away from your child’s cabin.
How can I help prepare my child for a week away from home?
Being away from home for a week can be a daunting thing for a child. You can help prepare your child by telling them that what a great time they will have and reassure them that you will be waiting for them at the end of the week. Sending self addressed stamped envelopes with letter writing materials can give your child an outlet for their concerns. It is not recommended that you tell your child that they will be picked up if they are homesick. Although this may be true, some children will fixate if they know that they have an “out,” and not focus on the experience at hand. If you do receive a call from a homesick child please ask them to emphasize the positive things that they are experiencing during the week, and once again reassure them that you will see them at the end of the week.